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The editorial team of Strasbourg Observers can be contacted on the following e-mail address:

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Guest blogs

We warmly welcome guest blogs. Prospective guest bloggers are invited to first contact us via email to express their interest in writing a guest blog (ideally before actually writing the contribution, in order to avoid unnecessary work in case of rejection). In your initial contact, please also let us know when – roughly speaking – you would be able to submit a full post.

We will inform you as soon as possible whether we are interested in your proposal, which depends inter alia on the timeliness of the topic, the extent to which it may interest our readership and whether other authors have already expressed an interest in writing on the same topic/case. In principle, we will decline blog posts proposals from (under)graduate students unless they are written under academic supervision.

Blog posts can focus on:

  • Recent developments in the case law of the ECtHR. In principle, we require blog posts to focus on judgments that are a maximum of two months old at the time of publication.
  • Other recent developments at the level of the ECHR system or the Council of Europe.
  • Topical problems with Europewide resonance (e.g. COVID-19), which are examined through the lens of the ECtHR jurisprudence.

We will refuse contributions of a purely doctrinal character, which do not have a link to recent developments. Of course you can provide a brief overview of the case law on a specific topic in the context of a discussion of a particular recent case.

Author guidelines

  • The length of the post should not exceed 4 pages.
  • Hyperlinks (e.g. to the specific case analysed or to other relevant sources) in the text are preferred over the use of footnotes. Footnotes, the use of which should in any case be limited, can be used when no hyperlink to the source is available.
  • For a post that focuses on a recent judgment, the suggested (but by no means mandatory!) format of the guest post is: short introduction; facts; judgment; comments (and potentially a short conclusion). You can always check a few posts on our blog for examples.
  • When you submit your guest post, please also add a few lines on yourself: your full name, your current position and your current affiliation. Optionally, you can also provide us with a link to your personal page at your current institution.
  • Upon receipt of your guest post, we will perform a marginal review of the text. We may suggest minor language and editorial changes, if considered necessary. We may also make light-touch substantive comments (e.g. when an argument could be developed more convincingly, or where a relevant element has been left out of the discussion)
  • We reserve the right not to publish a post that does not conform to these guidelines, or which does not meet the required quality.
  • We aim to publish guest posts as shortly as possible after receiving them, taking into account however the aim to arrive at a relative even distribution of blog posts over time.