The team in charge of the Strasbourg Observers Blog at the Human Rights Centre of Ghent University consists of:


Eva Brems, Professor of Human Rights Law.


Stijn Smet, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Lourdes Peroni, Postdoctoral Fellow.


Dirk Voorhoof, Professor of Media Law.

Alexandra Timmer, Ph.D. in Law from Ghent University.

Saïla Ouald Chaib, Ph.D. in Law from Ghent University.

Ronan Ó Fathaigh, Ph.D. Candidate.

Salvo Nicolosi, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Laurens Lavrysen, Ph.D. Candidate.

Flutura Kusari, Ph.D. Candidate.

Yaiza Janssens, Ph.D. Candidate.

Helena De Vylder, Ph.D. Candidate.

Valeska David, Ph.D. Candidate.