About Us

The Blog’s Aims

The Strasbourg Observers Blog is based at the Human Rights Centre of Ghent University in Belgium. The Blog aims to bring new judgments of the European Court of Human Rights under the attention of interested scholars, practitioners and students. To that end, bloggers offer critical analyses of the legal reasoning of the ECtHR by way of short commentaries. The Blog also aims to assess recent legal, political and social developments in Europe through the lens of the Court’s case law.

The Blog’s Origins

The Strasbourg Observers Blog was founded in April 2010 by Professor Eva Brems and six Ph.D. researchers (Alexandra Timmer, Laurens Lavrysen, Lourdes Peroni, Maris Burbergs, Saïla Ouald Chaib and Stijn Smet) working under her supervision at the Human Rights Centre. The Blog originated within the framework of the European Research Council-funded project “Strengthening the European Court of Human Rights: More Accountability through Better Legal Reasoning”. The project’s main objective was to study the European Court of Human Rights’ case-law with the aim of proposing innovative solutions to strengthen the consistency and persuasiveness of the Court’s legal reasoning so as to improve its accountability and transparency.

The Blog Today

Since its creation in April 2010, the Blog has attracted a growing number of guest bloggers within and outside the Law Faculty of Ghent University. Thus, Ph.D. researchers, postdoctoral researchers, lecturers, professors and NGO representatives have all actively contributed to the Strasbourg Observers, making the Blog a forum for continuing exchanges among academics and practitioners working on the ECHR. Given this success, Professor Brems and her team decided to ensure the Blog’s long term sustainability, benefiting from the participation of a new generation of ECHR researchers at the Human Rights Centre of Ghent University and of an expanding network of guest bloggers.

We warmly invite those interested in writing a guest post for the Blog to get in touch (see “Become a Guest Blogger” (sidebar) and “Contact Us”).