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  • Anne-Katrin Speck

Russia and the Strasbourg Court: evidentiary challenges arising from Russia’s expulsion from the Council of Europe

June 02, 2022

[This post first appeared on the DISSECT blog.] Introduction It has been three months since Europe woke up to the horrific news that Russia had launched a brutal invasion of neighbouring Ukraine—two months during which Ukraine has seen immeasurable suffering and destruction, and two months which have dramatically changed Europe’s human rights landscape. It is […]

  • Strasbourg Observers

Poll: Best and Worst ECtHR Judgment and Best Separate Opinion of 2021

February 16, 2022

Dear readers, As we step into the year 2022, we are taking the occasion to look back at 2021. It has been an eventful year: as President Spano points out in the Court’s Annual report, now is a crucial time for human rights law, between technological and societal advances, increasing polarisation and political upheaval, and […]