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  • Eva Brems

In the Strasbourg Club: Executief van de Moslims van België and others v Belgium

April 02, 2024

Eva Brems ‘Stop internationalization now!’ I am shouting at my laptop screen, laughing. This is banter of course. The Strasbourg Club just realized that we are having a meeting with Dutch speakers only – four in the room in Ghent, plus three online. The joke is that this will be the new normal after the […]

  • Eva Brems

In the Strasbourg Club: Who controls my gametes? Ranting on Baret & Caballero v. France

November 28, 2023

by Eva Brems Six members in a room in Ghent and five on a screen have enjoyed unpacking and weighing all the separate opinions in the Grand Chamber judgment in Yüksel Yalcinkaya v. Türkiye. Without pausing for tea, we move on to the other case Irene has selected for our biweekly discussion. Baret and Caballero […]

  • Eva Brems

In the Strasbourg Club: The Right to be Forgotten v the Right to Remember. A Conversation on Hurbain v Belgium

October 10, 2023

by Eva Brems Strasbourg Observers is proud to present a new series of columns to its blog: ‘In the Strasbourg Club’! In these posts, professor Eva Brems, one of our editors-in-chief, presents an accessible, dialogue-style discussion of a recent case. The columns will be based on/inspired by real-life discussions in the bi-weekly ‘Strasbourg Club’, a […]