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Strasbourg Observers Blow Out Two Candles

April 30, 2012

This month we are celebrating the Strasbourg Observers’ survival in the blogosphere – two years and counting! – and our continued eagerness to share our views on the Court’s case law with you, our readers.

Much to our delight, we seem to be attracting more and more people. Over the past year, our blog has landed more than 75,000 page views, bringing us to a current grand total of over 130,000 views.

432 persons have been brave enough to click the “Sign me up!” button. We are grateful for their demonstrated appreciation of our blog and their remarkable perseverance in reading our posts!

We also, and particularly, warmly thank the many guest bloggers who have joined us in commenting on the Court’s case law. Colleagues at Ghent University, fellow academics from other universities, lawyers and members of NGOs alike, thank you for having elevated our blog to a higher level with your insightful and excellent posts!

We recently also gained access to a world map, indicating the countries from which people reach us (strictly numerical and entirely anonymous, of course). Over the past two months, the once blank map has been coloured by visitors from nearly 150 countries! We seem to be most popular in the United Kingdom. The number of page views from the UK by far outranks the other countries and is equivalent to that of the next four countries combined (the United States, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands).

We thank all of you, wherever you may reach us from, for reading our posts and sharing your thoughts with us. We hope you will join us for another fruitful year of commenting on the Court’s case law. Bedankt, gracias, paldies!

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