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Poll: Best and Worst ECtHR Judgment of 2014

January 14, 2015

In keeping with our annual tradition, we hereby kindly invite all our readers to cast their vote for the best and worst European Court of Human Rights judgment of the previous year, i.e. of 2014.

2014 was a year of many highs for the ECtHR, but unfortunately also of a few lows (both liberally defined as such by the Strasbourg Observers team). The good and the bad are reflected in our nominations below.

Underneath the polls, we have provided links to the texts of the nominated judgments and our blog posts on them.

Should you not find your pick off the litter on our shortlists, you can always surprise everyone by introducing a novel contender – potentially saddling us with a dark horse – by selecting “other” and filling in your preference (we will periodically provide an overview of the votes for “other” judgments in the comments section).

As always, we will announce the winners and ‘winners’ (roughly) a month from now.

Let the voting commence!


Links to the nominated judgments and our posts


Al Nashiri v. Poland / Husayn (Abu Zubaydah) v. Polandpost and post.

Centre for Legal Resources on behalf of Valentin Câmpeanu v. Romaniapost.

Matúz v. Hungarypost.

O’Keeffe v. Irelandpost.

Tarakhel v. Switzerland post.


Senchishak v. Finlandpost.

S.A.S. v. France post, post and post.

Pentikäinen v. Finlandpost.

M.E. v. Swedenpost.

Biao v. Denmarkpost.

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  • Stijn Smet says:

    Valid votes for “other” judgments thus far:


    Antayev and Others v. Russia (1 vote).
    Christodoulou and Others v. Greece (1 vote).
    Fernández Martínez v. Spain (1 vote).
    Jeunesse v. the Netherlands (1 vote).
    Mennesson v. France and Labassée v. France (1 vote).
    Navalnyy and Yashin v. Russia (1 vote).
    S.A.S. v. France (1 vote).

    (Not technically a judgment, but interesting: the dissent in S.A.S. v. France (1 vote)).


    Hämäläinen v. Finland (4 votes).
    Christodoulou and Others v. Greece (4 votes).
    O’Keeffe v. Ireland (2 votes).
    Fernández Martínez v. Spain (1 vote).
    Gross v. Switzerland (1 vote).
    Lillo-Stenberg and Sæther v. Norway (1 vote).
    National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) v. the United Kingdom (1 vote).
    Natsvlishvili and Togonidze v. Georgia (1 vote).
    Vučković and Others v. Serbia (1 vote).

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